Our event booking procedure is simple: give us a call to discuss your event, and once you have determined you would like to book us, we will reserve your date. We also have a contact form you can use for inquiries and booking.

Upon your request, we then send a contract, spelling out all details, and requesting a 25% non-refundable deposit. The remainder is due on or before your date.

Our on-the-job requirements are also simple: we do not require amplification, as a rule. We do need straight chairs for the musicians, and protection from direct sun.  We bring our own music stands and lights.

During multiple-hour jobs, we usually take hourly 10-minute breaks, but can adjust to the requirements of your event timing.

We want you, our clients, to benefit from our years of experience, and to feel confident that all musical details will be addressed. We will work with your event coordinator to provide a seamless service.